YONI is the Sanskrit term for “VAGINA” and means “sacred place-temple.”
The basis of the philosophy of massage bearing this name is love and respect.
Love is conveyed in masculine and feminine terms because it is the man who massages the woman, inducing a state of bliss and pleasure in her.
Therefore, YONI TANTRA MASSAGE, which gradually and with great delicacy touches the erogenous points of a woman, has as its goal deep relaxation, awakening of sensations, simple and strong pleasure from caressing with love and sweetness, pleasure for the woman. This is not just physical pleasure, but a set of hormones, enzymes and nerve stimulations that have a huge impact on the emotional and sensory sphere, often leading to the triumph of ORGASM. The goal of YONI MASSAGE is not only to achieve ORGASM, although orgasm is often a pleasant and desirable side effect. The goal is very personal and may be the simple PLEASURE of the massage itself.

This is a “PURE MASSAGE” that makes you “clean” from a psychological point of view.

Yoni massage serves as one of the tantric sessions of influencing the body to achieve the pinnacle of pleasure. These warm sensations arise due to the gentle touches of the masseur, focused on the woman’s genitals. In addition, tantric technique is the main method for obtaining a positive mood and achieving inner harmony, as well as
complete relaxation.


Benefits of Tantric Yoni Massage
Firstly, tantric yoni massage, which focuses on awakening energy, has many benefits.

-Namely, it rejuvenates the body,
-Treats chronic ailments.
-Increases the sensitivity of the female genital organs.
-Increases sexual energy.
-Relieves headaches and insomnia. And most importantly,
releases powerful accumulated sexual energy.

Thus, with the help of a gentle touch, tantric yoni massage
can cause an energetic orgasm of the whole body.

I would also like to add that yoni massage inspires confidence and happiness. And, as a result, a woman is filled with love for her partner.
As a result, if practiced with skillful care and attention, a woman achieves deep satisfaction.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the main bonus after this wonderful and inspiring work with a woman’s body is bliss, which opens the soul and fills the woman with love for life.



Naked or Nude massage
Our male massage therapists in Moscow master many techniques. So you can choose a Nude massage.

Nude massage is a high-massage tantra that causes very strong sensations in those who practice it. The massage therapist uses his entire body, primarily his torso, to stimulate you.
Tantric positions in nude massage are more than a technique, they are a series of tantric body positioning techniques. Combined with body-to-body massage techniques, these positions will make the body and caresses of the male massage therapist very intimate and sensual.

Nude massage may include prostate massage for men. You will experience pleasure and satisfaction and also feel ecstasy. I would like to add that our massage therapists have been fully trained in this stimulating technique.

Our tantric massage therapist can be completely naked and uses a number of secret techniques to control and prevent male ejaculation leading to intense orgasm. You will retain energy and vigor until the end of the massage session.


Well, if you like meeting a stunning young masseur and spend a relaxing massage time at a Moscow hotel, then I’m your the best.

ambience of massage parlour
male masseur giving eoman a back massage

Naked Tantra massage sensitive with with the sensual and sensitive touch of the masseusrs. She combines an erotic touch to the therapeutic part. This massage activates specific points of the muscle. It activates circulation and energy meridians. It clears the systems from toxins, reduction of stress of daily activities, and helps with muscle recovery. A body being free of all these negative elements favour a mental synergy.
We conclude the naked session with a Lingam massage.

We offer the following types of massages:

Swedish and deep tissue massage

Tantric erotic massage

Body to body massage

Ties and seductive massage

Massage for couples

4 hands massage

Sensual massages

Erotic happy ending massage

Foot fetish

Dinner and massage services

Aqua shower

Erotic tantric massage Moscow is actually one of the the most ancient arts that you could practice and enjoy.

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