Sensual massage

Erotic massage in Moscow for men, women, couples.

We offer body to body, classic and sensual massage for men, women, couples. This massage focuses on the body parts, which provide to client in particular, enjoyable sensations. This massage consists of gently caressing the body by using typical tenderness movements, followed by a subtle stimulation of the body which will let your stress melt away and reach new thresholds of peace. Try this special massage with us.

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Masseur Boris

Sensual massage will help you to gain extra knowledge about your bodies and will raise awareness as to which part on the body to massage in order to release tension. Great fun! Wonderful way to bond. Delicious feeling afterwards will give you complete satisfaction.

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Boris is a qualified masseur with a lot of experience.
He is a handsome, sporty friendly young man, running a healthy life style.
Boris is sociable and open-minded. 
All types of massage.


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Body aroma oil

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