Erotic massage in Moscow for men, women, couples.


Massage therapist Sofia Inspired by beauty and eccentric caprices, our stunning Russian masseuse Sofia, will caress and please you like no one has ever done before. Her reputation for delivering a close and sensual massage, makes her the ultimate choice for that special and memorable time in Moscow. Whether you are on a business or…
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Soapy massage

or Aqua Shower Would you like to have a blissful experience in our Moscow massage agency. Then have a wonderful erotic massage with us. We have friendly, tender and professional women and men to suit your every need. If you stressed or bored or just pain curious, then we will help you to unwind with…
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Massage Services

Massage services in Moscow means that we come straight to your place within 25- 35 minutes after your phone call. Our team of is young and friendly. Massage therapists will be able to choose the best suitable massage program to help you relieve stress, nervous and muscular tension, or even ged rid of depression. In the comfort…
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Combining breathing techniques, meditation, different levels of pressure from light pressure to moderate, firm and deep pressure, the male massage session is cleverly blended with sensual, body to body, tantric and erotic touch.


Let my loving body glide on you and use my special touch to make you feel on Heaven! Enjoy sparkling eroticism and a very passionate massage that will help you relax and develop sensations at an extraordinary level. Skilled and beautiful Alyona experienced in Tantra massage will make your body melt and feel relaxed. She…
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Erotic massage

Eroticism comes from greek word “Eros”, meaning “desire”. Are you feeling tired, weary, stressed or even hangover; then we offer you Massage in Moscow! Our special massage is the best answer to help you with stress both physical and emotional, anxiety and depression. Our treatment promotes circulation, decrease pain, eases nervousness, irritability and apprehension. Reduces…
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